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If you are looking to learn to drive in Luton or the surrounding areas then the RARA Driving School is the place to start. Our Luton Driving School has extensive experience handling everything you’ll need to be successful. We help all students from Luton to give high-value, cheap and friendly lessons so you can pass first time.

We work with an array of inspirational Luton driving instructors to bring you fun, useful and intense driving lessons. Our drivers will closely inform you of the Luton Driving Test Centre routes so you are up to date with the most important knowledge. They are likely to share with you and prepare you for the busy roads that the Test Centre emerges from and the busy A roads such as the A505 and A6 which can feature on the test. Rest assured that you will be fully up to speed with what is to come.

If you are looking for driving lessons in Luton (South), Aley Green, Caddington, Lower Woodside, Pepperstock, Slip End, Woodside, Luton (East), Chiltern Green, Cockernhoe, East Hyde, Lawrence End, Lilley, New Mill End, Peters Green, Tea Green, The Hyde, Wandon End, Wandon Green, Winch Hill, Luton (North), Lower Sundon, Streatley, Sundon, Luton (West), Chalton Lewsey Farm and following postcodes: LU, LU2, LU3 and LU4 then Look no further, RARA Driving School is the right place to get the best driving lessons from your local driving instructors with full flexibility and practicality, to meet all your driving needs until you pass your driving test with minimum number of driving lessons in minimum time.

Your success is extremely important to us – with our extremely high pass rate for first time students at the RARA Driving School.


Are you hoping to pass your driving license within a certain time frame? Are you applying for jobs that need a driving license? The Rara Driving School’s intensive driving courses in Luton allow you to be on the road in a matter of weeks. The crash course covers everything you need to know so you can finally get it out of the way. Our fantastic knowledge, skilled driving instructors and relentless attitude to road safety all equate to a perfect experience.


Our automatic driving lessons are perfect if you want to learn to drive without the hassle. So come and learn to drive in Luton with confidence and peace of mind at the Rara Driving School. You will learn from modern automatic cars which are easy to drive. There are no gears and clutch in your way so you can be on the roads of Luton very quickly.


A female driving instructor in Luton may just be what you need so you feel fully comfortable as you take the wheels. We have an increasing list of talented female driving instructors who you can work with and it is becoming increasingly popular.

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