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Since 2011, throughout the area, RARA School of Driving has earned a reputation for responsible and caring driving instruction. Throughout UK, wherever you live, with our professional and friendly local driving instructors, you’ll enjoy a relaxed, positive and encouraging environment as you start your driving lessons and learn to drive.

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Our Services

At RARA driving school, we pride ourselves with offering one of the most inclusive driving programs around the area. We offer a wide range of driving courses options based on your needs and preferences, plus amazing packages at accessible prices. A driving license is the next step to an independent life – Don’t wait longer and book your lessons now! For further information about our courses and locations, please click here.

List Of Driving Courses

Fast Pass Driving Courses Driving Crash Courses Driving Lessons to Learner Drivers Student Driving Lessons
Intensive Driving Course Driving Lessons with Female Driving Instructors Extended Driving Test Training Senior Citizen Driving Lessons
Automatic Driving Lessons 5 Day Driving Course 1 Week Driving Course Motorway and Pass Plus Lessons
Manual Driving Lessons Advanced Driving Test Residential Driving Course Practical Driving Tests
Why RARA ?

We don’t only have one of the most complete and variated driving programs around the UK (for both beginner drivers and professionals) but we also have one of the best trained and dedicated driving instructor staffs in the country. At RARA driving School we’re ready to adapt to whatever your needs and requirements are and offer you a customized driving course.

No matter where you are, there will always be a RARA driving school instructor near you, ready to help you with our proven step-by-step driver training. You won’t have to go too far either: we’ll pick you up at home, work, school or any other place near you and then will drop you back on an agreed place between you and your instructor. Remember, if you’re looking for a driving school near you, RARA driving school is exactly what you need.

Also, our driving lessons are private so we can guarantee that each of our students gets full and thorough attention during the entire driving lesson. Excellence is our standard: our driving instructors will teach you on an one- on- one class way more than the minimal knowledge you’ll need to quickly pass your driving tests. We’ll help you understand the rules of the road and drive safely, both basic skills you’ll need regardless of driving a manual or an automatic car. We also invite you to read our testimonial page and see what parents and students have said about our service.

Book your driving course now and see by yourself why RARA is the best driving school near you! When learning to drive, nothing is more important than feeling safe and confident behind the wheel. To achieve this, you need to be sure that you’re being guided by the best driving instructor you can possibly find. At RARA driving School our staff is composed for some of the most experienced driving instructors in the UK; representing a mix of excellence, dedication and professionalism. Our instructors are aware of the responsibilities of their role, to them your safety and learning will always be their number one priority. Our driving instructors are all qualified and have been certified by DVSA after a rigorous training and evaluation. They’re trained road safety experts, who have developed the necessary competences to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to pass their driving tests and get their license. Become a confident driver and guarantee your pass with RARA School: the best local driving instructors are only a call away!


No matter what your choice is, at RARA school of motoring we are the best driving lessons provider in the area. When it comes to automatic car driving lessons, it’s been proven that only a small amount of drivers are really well prepared to drive these cars to their full potential. Why? Although everyone can try it, learning this driving modality usually takes time, effort and a well prepared instructor. That’s why if you’re looking for some automatic driving lessons near your area, we suggest you to take our driving crash course, our fast track driving lessons package or the intensive driving course. If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact us (+44) 0333 772 7265 or fill our Contact Us form.