If you are looking for driving lessons in St. Albans or surroundings including Potters Crouch, Bricket Wood, Bedmond, Chiswell Green, Frogmore and the following postcodes: AL1, AL2 and AL3 then Look no further, RARA Driving School is the right place to get the best driving lessons from your local driving instructors with full flexibility and practicality, to meet all your driving needs until you pass your driving test with minimum number of driving lessons in minimum time.

Existing Students

Refresher cources

Our range of driving course are followings:
  • 5 Day Driving Course
  • Intensive Driving Courses
  • One Week Driving Course
  • Fast Pass Driving Lesson
  • Extended Driving Test
  • Refresher and Motorway Lessons
  • Pass Plus 6 Hours Driving Course

Our local driving instructors are here to help for your driving lessons if you need to pass, Taxi Driver Assessments,(Private Hire Driving Test / Taxi Driving Test) conducted by TFL, Green Penny ,The Blue Lamp Trust , Drive Safe etc. Our all driving instructors are vetted and approved from DVSA.

PH: 0333 772 7265