MSM or Mirror Signal Manoeuvre may seem a simple procedure to apply while driving however you need to have the proper learning to practice this. Indeed this routine may not be directly taught by driving instructors in Watford as much these days, but it is still a fundamental part of learning to drive. Mirror Signal Manoeuvre comes under the most basic and fundamental skills, which a person needs to pass his driving test. This includes the fundamental routine any good driver would use on the road and without these, it is virtually impossible to pass your driving test.

While driving any kind of vehicle, you need to keep in mind that your actions should not cause any sudden change in directions or speed of other vehicles. Thus it becomes very important to keep an eye on the actions of others, but it is virtually impossible to do so while you sit inside the vehicle without any proper resources. Hence, to maintain safety while driving you should keep in mind “Look into the mirror first before you make a sudden change in speed or directions”.

If you fail to provide a correct signal then you are guaranteed to cause confusion in mind of other drivers, which may lead to fatal accidents. For example you want to go towards the right but stop towards the left on a junction, the vehicle behind you may assume that you are turning left and may try to overtake you leading to a collision. Hence, signals make an important part of driving.

It’s a change in action, direction, and speed. This may include overtaking a vehicle or turning towards left or right to make full use of the opportunities. It also includes the reverse parking of the vehicle in which you may use the MSM routine.

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