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The Safest Driving Strategy: Defensive Driving

Essentially, defensive driving is driving in a manner that uses safe driving strategies for purposes of identifying hazards in an unsurprising manner. Such strategies bode well beyond the basic instructions on traffic procedures and laws. On attending driving schools, student learn that defensive driving is the most appropriate skill for reducing driving risks through anticipation of situations, and making well-informed, safe decisions. Such actions are implemented on the basis of environmental and road conditions after completing safe driving maneuvers.

The advantages of taking a defensive driving class may vary from state to state, but most often includes point reductions on the driver’s license following a ticket, with the assurance that the rates of insurance will not increase. In a number of states, a defensive driving course may imply a ten percent reduction in the insurance rates for a period of between three to five years. Each state is responsible for regulating the contents of the defensive driving course that driving schools offer, although most classes contain similar curricula.

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