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[driving_school_ready image=”819″ modal_id=”4″ title=”Are You Ready?” button_text=”BOOK DRIVING LESSON NOW”]Since 2011, throughout the area, RARA School of Driving has earned a reputation for responsible and caring driving instruction. Throughout UK, wherever you live, with our professional and friendly local driving instructors, you’ll enjoy a relaxed, positive and encouraging environment as you start your driving lessons and learn to drive.

  • We know all of the different test routes
  • Plate Learn with a company that cares, more than just an offer!
  • Plate First driving lesson from us just £20 with 100 % Money Back Guarantee


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Why RARA ?

Do you know that excellent driving skills can save you from major accidents? It is quite important to get the driving lessons by experienced local driving instructors. RARA driving school is serving the purpose to make the beginners expert drivers. We are into this field for a long time and we have built a strong reputation in the town. The driving lessons of our school always prove easy to understand. We accommodate the students as per the needs because we have a variety of vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to learn automatic driving lessons or manual, our professional instructors can assist you in both. We have a team of professionals and it is up to you whether you like to choose a male or female driving instructor.

Chivalrous Staff and Professional Attitude

We always maintain professionalism by training our students as per the driving regulations of UK. The automatic driving lessons are not only based on practice but we provide theoretical knowledge as well. We are based in the UK and train our students to pass the test in a single attempt. RARA driving school has maintained a record of 99% passing rate, which makes us prominent from the rest of the driving schools. We service our vehicles on a regular basis, as the satisfaction of our students is important to us.

We are Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Trust Worthy

Are you looking for a local driving school or local driving instructor that doesn’t prove wastage of money? RARA Driving School is undoubtedly a perfect choice for all who want nothing but the best services. We save your money, as we do not charge hidden fees rather all our services are based on market competitive rates. Besides, with us, you won’t need to attempt the test for the second time*. The regulatory bodies also admire our trustworthy services because we never break the regime. We teach our students to respect the law. Our service for early driving test cancellations is good value for money.

Expert Driving means Fewer Accidents

The ratio of accidents can be reduced if the beginners prefer to take out vehicles after proper training. Our main purpose is not limited to pass the test only but we are eager to reduce the accident ratio. Our qualified local driving instructors make the students aware of the traffic laws and we describe the importance of safe driving as well. So, the parents shouldn’t worry about the selection of driving school as here, we facilitate in an outstanding way. Our driving lessons has been ranked as one of the best, provided by the best driving school. We invite all who are eager to polish their driving skills. You are requested to dial our number, visit us or write an email for further details.

We Build your Career

Are you willing to build a career in driving by joining a reliable transport company? Choose our intensive driving course to become a professional driver. The field can prove fruitful if you polish the driving skills. Our driving instructors can help you become an expert chauffeur. In short, with us, you can get a chance to become a part of a leading transport company. We teach you discipline, ethics, routes panning awareness, driving skills, and professional attitude in the advanced course.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

[driving_school_testimonials slider_type=”1″ arrows=”false” col_no=”2″ style=””][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Tomasz Kuczaj”]Mr Ahmad was very helpful throughout my driving lesson. I passed my driving test on my 1st try after 20 hours. He also helped me to book my driving test for an early date without any extra cost. Highly recommend it[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Victor Odjadjare”]I’ve passed my driving test and very happy. RARA Driving School intensive driving courses were tailored towards my need. The driving instructor was exceptionally brilliant, and the driving lessons were of the highest standard. Highly recommended.[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Anusha Kumar”]My instructor, Klodiana, was extremely helpful and boosted my confidence in every lesson. She made me feel comfortable and went through every manoeuvre with me until I was excellent at it. It’s my first time driving around Watford & driving with Klodiana made it so easy. I passed first time and definitely 100% recommend her.[/driving_school_testimonials_items][/driving_school_testimonials]

Lesson Packages... to Save!

Below you will find our three most popular packages

[driving_school_price][driving_school_price_item featured=”” target_plan=”modal” cf7scode=”5″ title=”BASIC PACKAGE” planning_type_title=”6 Hours” price=”$379″ sub_price=”Save $38″ sub_title=”Minimum Requirement” btn_title=”ORDER NOW” modal_title=”ORDER PACKAGE”]

  • Private In-Car Instruction
  • Pre and Post Lesson follow Up
  • Free Pick Up and Drop Off

[/driving_school_price_item][driving_school_price_item featured=”1″ target_plan=”modal” cf7scode=”5″ title=”V.I.P PACKAGE” planning_type_title=”12 Hours” price=”$689″ sub_price=”Save $69″ sub_title=”Most Popular – Free Driver” btn_title=”ORDER NOW” modal_title=”ORDER PACKAGE”]

  • Private In-Car Instruction
  • Pre and Post Lesson follow Up
  • Free Pick Up and Drop Off
  • Free On-Line Driver Ed Course

[/driving_school_price_item][driving_school_price_item featured=”” target_plan=”modal” cf7scode=”5″ title=”EXTRA PACKAGE” planning_type_title=”20 Hours” price=”$899″ sub_price=”Save $159″ sub_title=”Most Comprehensive” btn_title=”ORDER NOW” modal_title=”ORDER PACKAGE”]

  • Private In-Car Instruction
  • Pre and Post Lesson follow Up
  • Free Pick Up and Drop Off
  • Free On-Line Driver Ed Course
  • Concierge DMV Drive Test Service


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96% of Our Students Pass the Driving Test on

Their First Try


Latest News & Events

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Our Services

At RARA driving school, we pride ourselves with offering one of the most inclusive driving programs around the area. We offer a wide range of driving courses options based on your needs and preferences, plus amazing packages at accessible prices. A driving license is the next step to an independent life – Don’t wait longer and book your lessons now! For further information about our courses and locations

Fast Pass Driving Courses

Driving Crash Courses

Driving Lessons to Learner Drivers

Student Driving Lessons

Intensive Driving Course

Driving Lessons with Female Driving Instructors

Extended Driving Test Training

Senior Citizen Driving Lessons

5 Day Driving Course

Practical Driving Tests

1 Week Driving Course

Motorway and Pass Plus Lessons

Motorway and Pass Plus Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons

Residential Driving Course


No matter what your choice is, at RARA school of motoring we are the best driving lessons provider in the area. When it comes to automatic car driving lessons, it’s been proven that only a small amount of drivers are really well prepared to drive these cars to their full potential. Why? Although everyone can try it, learning this driving modality usually takes time, effort and a well prepared instructor. That’s why if you’re looking for some automatic driving lessons near your area, we suggest you to take our driving crash course, our fast track driving lessons package or the intensive driving course. If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact us (+44) 0333 772 7265 or fill our Contact Us form.