If you are looking for manual or automatic driving lessons in Bradford or surrounding areas (below) then you have come to the right place. RARA is one of the top driving schools in the UK and offers unmatchable services to students. We hold a wide experience in the field and our services are truly based on the UK traffic laws. It has been almost ten years that we are serving the students at beginner and professional levels. RARA owns a strong reputation as we facilitate in a way like no other school can.Are you looking for driving lessons in or around Dunstable, RARA have you covered. We have a number of highly qualified driving instructors available for you in your area. Our school has a pass rate of 99.99%, something we are quite proud of. This demonstrates the level of training we provide to each and every student.

RARA serves Dunstable (East including Woodside Estate) and surrounding areas, including: Bidwell, Chalgrave, Fancott, Harlington, Houghton Regis (including Townsend Industrial Estate), Thorn, Toddington, Dunstable (West), Eaton Bray, Edlesborough, Holywell, Kensworth, Northall, Sewell, Studham, Totternhoe, Whipsnade and following post codes: LU5 and LU6.

Our team of local driving instructors are experienced, professional and qualified ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors) who efficiently train the learner drivers for passing the driving test conducted by DVSA.

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Offers For New Starters

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Existing Students

Refresher cources

We provide free pickup at a location of your choice, RARA Driving School works around you, so that learning to drive isn’t an inconvenience to your busy lifestyle.

Learn to drive as quickly as you want or longer dependent on your progression. One thing our driving instructors assure you of is you will be fully prepared before tackling the final practical driving exam.

Our driving school has over 33 instructors that have conducted 9000 hours’ worth of training and issued 5000 + licenses over the years. We only use the latest models of car, so you have the best vehicle for learning to drive.

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RARA Driving School

RARA Driving School is the right place to get the best driving lessons from your local driving instructors with full flexibility and practicality, to meet all your driving needs until you pass your driving test with minimum number of driving lessons in minimum time.

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this demonstrates the dedication and hard work that goes into each and every student.

If you’re looking for high standard driving lessons in Dunstable or surrounding areas, please get in touch with RARA Driving School, there’s always a well-prepared driving instructor near you!

For further information about driving lessons / intensive driving courses, please get in touch with us on

PH: 0333 772 7265

Local Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Learning to drive in an automatic car is much more simple meaning it can save you time and money. Our automatic driving lessons will see your confidence increase dramatically as you get on the roads of Leeds with no manual devices to get in your way. Give us a call and our driving instructors will let you know whether our automatic driving school or manual driving is best for you.

RARA Driving Schools are always on the lookout for qualified driving instructors in the Leeds area. If you are looking to work with a reputable driving school, we provide first class driving instructor training.

We have franchise opportunities in the Leeds area for offer, so please let us know if this may be of interest. You will have everything ready to start a proven business and all the support that is needed to succeed.

If you’re looking for high standard driving lessons around your area get in touch with us, with RARA motoring school, there’s always a well prepared driving instructor near you! For further information about driving lessons around the Stevenage area, please get in touch with us on.