Everybody wants to pass their driving test without any hassle. We are going to tell you the most valuable tips so you can pass your driving test easily in 2020.

1. Eat two bananas before the test. This will give a good boost to your mental battery level and your attention level too, might be already told you by your local driving instructor.

2. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best on-road during your driving test.

3. Before every time moves off, make a thorough 360-degree check, from the kerb to roadside, mostly left to right, unless you are moving off from the right side of the road after finishing Right reverse manoeuvre.

4. After 360 degrees check, the moments before you move off, have final check over your blind spot, right or left shoulder, depending which side of the road you moving off from, as you were learning in your intensive driving courses.

5. As soon as you move off, the first thing to check is the interior mirror.

6. Keep checking the interior mirror every 3 seconds, except at the time of emergency brake, as you learnt in your driving lessons.

7. Make sure you leave one-metre space from the left kerb or left parked vehicles.

8. Use gear one at emerging on close junctions, at snail pace.

9.Deal meeting vehicles with good planning ahead.

10. Make good use of speed, if its 30 mph and no one is ahead of you, you must drive 28 mph, otherwise, the examiner will mark you for slow driving.


11. At every junction, try to find new signs of speed limits.

12. Be positive and stay calm.